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How do you wind a perm?

Wind the chosen perm rods into the hair, starting at the top of the back section. Place the end paper on the hair and, keeping good even tension on the hair, use both hands to wind the perm rod towards the scalp. Secure the perm rod close to the scalp by placing the perm rubber securely over the end rod.

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Furthermore, how do you roll a simple perm?

Start by holding the rod at the ends of the hair, on the inside (so the rod is between the neck or ear and the actual hair). Curl the tips of the hair around the the back of the rod, then begin to roll the hair so the rod is curling in a downwards motion.

Also Know, what is a curvature perm? Perms in which the hair strands are wrapped from the ends to the scalp in overlapping concentric layers. Term. curvature permanent wrap. Definition. Perm wrap in which partings and bases radiate throughout the panels to follow the curvature of the head.

Regarding this, what is a Bricklay perm?

Bricklay Perm Hair Wrap. Definition. This technique used for a traditional perm wrap for hair is quite similar to the actual technique that bricklayers use when building a brick house. Perms that are wrapped in a bricklay pattern are not as popular as they used to be but are still done in some salons in current times.

What can I use instead of perm rods?

Plastic bottles, pencils, roller-setting rods, plastic bags, building blocks and candles can all be used to achieve different looks when perming hair.

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